Pet Food Manager

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A type of inventory was created through a "inStock" system which houses categories and inline grouping.  From this current view the user can add a new food from the bottom right green button.  The inline items can be clicked on, which will bring up a detailed view of the specific item with multiple functionalities.  


Through this form the user fills in the required fields according to real life feeding.  A food must be selected, that is aided by a category system, which will automatically give the kilo-caloric amount of the selected food by gram.  The user then inputs the amount of food being given in grams, the total kilo-caloric amount will be displayed below.  Up to three different types of food, with various categories, can be added within a single meal.  

Pet proFile

Through the Pet proFile various information can be viewed about your pet household, specifically one of the tabs displays which foods each pet likes or dislikes.  There is also a weight check in and a symptom log in the "Health Check" tab.